Why Costa Rica?

Since 2012, The Journey Camp has been serving students and churches from all over the southeast in the north Georgia mountains at Toccoa Falls. This year, we’re expanding our vision and taking Journey Camp all the way to Costa Rica! We believe that Costa Rica is a place ripe for ministry, where students can serve the poor and destitute and ultimately bring glory to God!.

We have partnered with 6:8 Ministries, a "non-profit, nondenominational missions organization that exists to strengthen and expand the kingdom of God.” Their mission is to flesh out Micah 6:8, "He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God." Their leadership team, who is well-established in the area, will guide you as you take the Gospel into the surrounding communities.

Pricing Information

What’s included in your trip and how much does it cost?

Total Price: $650 + Airfare

7 Days/6 Nights in Costa Rica
Comfortable Lodging in a Secure Missions House
3 Hot and Delicious Meals each day
Safe Drinking Water
Transportation to and from Airport and Ministry Sites
Participation in Incredible Ministry Opportunities in Alajuelita
Experienced Staff Support on the ground in Costa Rica
Airfare TBD
Room, Board, Ministry Supplies, & Administrative Support $550
Recreation Day $100

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Here are some of the things that we will be doing in Costa Rica

Prayer Walks

One of the first things your team will be encouraged to do is participate in a prayer walk through central Alajuelita. This will provide your team with a feel for the culture as well as an understanding of how to get around the city. Our staff will lead the walk, stopping at points of interest along the way to allow the group to pray. Throughout the rest of the week, extended prayer walks can be very uplifting and inspirational to both the people of Alajuelita and your team.

Family Visits

Alajuelita is the poorest county in Costa Rica. Right outside the team house are some of the poorest of the poor. We coordinate distribution of food, medicines, and/or personal hygiene packets to these families through your team. Because of these visits, we are able to encourage families to get involved in a thriving local church.

Elementary School

We have strong working relationships with several elementary schools in Alajuelita, and we can coordinate with the schools for your team to teach English and Bible lessons to the children in multiple classrooms through pre-planned lessons, activities, and games.

Senior Center Ministry

We can schedule your team to visit one of our local retirement centers to dance, sing, and play with the senior citizens of Alajuelita who may never receive much care and attention from their own families.

Feeding Centers

We currently have two feeding center locations in Alajuelita. We also conduct remote feedings by delivering meals into some of the more isolated communities. These feeding centers are hosted in local churches, but directed and funded by 6:8 Ministries. Our hope is that these feeding centers will help to strengthen local churches through providing an increased presence in the community. The feeding centers currently serve about 500 meals per week. Before each meal a short worship service and devotional is given to feed spiritually as well as physically. Your team can help prepare and serve the food that we distribute at one of our feeding centers multiple times during the week.

Childrens Ministry

We will coordinate children's ministry projects in local community centers, parks, and churches. Most of the children here are very affectionate and are hungry for personal love and attention that may not be awarded to them in their homes. They love games, crafts, and sports, and enjoy participating in Bible clubs and studies that include these elements.

Construction Visits

Everywhere we go in Alajuelita, there is at least one opportunity for a construction project. Projects include everything from your team painting and making minor home repairs to building a home from the ground up. Depending on the size of the project, additional ministry costs may be required.

High School

Much like the elementary school ministry, we can coordinate a day for your group to hang out at one of the local high schools and help teach the students more conversational English through the use of Bible stories and other activities in the classroom.

Special Needs Orphanage

Over the past few months, the ministry has begun building a relationship with an orphanage that specifically takes in children with special needs, and now the orphanage has become one of our favorite places to visit. Your team can come and help the severely understaffed home by feeding, playing with, and loving on the children who live there.

Medical Teams

Many of the people living in Alajuelita do not have access to medical care. In these areas there is a need for nurses, doctors, and dentists who are willing to provide medical oversight to these people. In addition to medical services, many are unable to buy the correct medications necessary to treat their specific needs. Your team can provide the help that they need by setting up a medical or dental clinic in one of the local churches for the week. The ministry will help you with the logistics of the clinic, and it can prove to be a very effective method of outreach for our local churches as well as an extremely beneficial ministry opportunity. One medical team was able to treat 700 patients in one week!

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